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    MSF works with teams of qualified, specialised, motivated  gynecologists/obstetricians who provide high-quality care for patients.

    Our maternity units and surgical projects deliver high-quality standardised care (protocols, hygiene, technical platform and medicinal products) and, despite the unstable or remote settings in which we work, MSF provides the appropriate expatriate and local human resources to ensure the provision of high-quality care for patients.

    Our need for gynecologists/obstetricians is increasing and crucial for our projects because:

    • They contribute their expertise to the overall care of patients.
    • They also play a role in training and in sharing expertise with local doctors.

    We are urgently looking for female gynecologists/obstetricians for our maternity units in Afghanistan and Pakistan, where only female medics are accepted.

    We have various maternity units, one of which is in Khost, Afghanistan.

    Khost is a province in eastern Afghanistan whose population has been greatly impacted by the war.

    The project started in 2012. It is a maternity unit that offers family planning services and a neonatology unit. The project has been widely accepted by the community since its launch.

    There are huge obstetric needs and, at present, approximately 2,000 women a month come to the maternity unit to give birth.

    Role of the gynecologist/obstetrician
    MSF offers