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Videos 2019

    SLOT 1

    The Right Care for Victims of Violence
    Chairs: Séverine Caluwaerts and Reem Mussa

    1 | “My mind is not like before”: Psychosocial rehabilitation of refugee victims of torture and other forms of ill-treatment in Athens - Christina Popontopoulou

    2 | “What about men and boys?” Access to care and type of assault suffered among male victims of sexual violence, a multicentric study of MSF programs in seven countries in Africa - Anaïs Broban

    3 | “Better dead than being mocked”: Unwanted pregnancy and abortion, an anthropological study on perceptions and attitude. Mweso, Mambasa and Lulingu, DRC 2018 - Doris Burtscher

    4 | Research Initiative: Migration History Tool: An innovative way to collect information from people on the move - Juan-Carlos Cubides

    SLOT 2

    New and Persisting Challenges in HIV and TB Care
    Chairs: Daniela Belen Garone and Nathan Ford

    5 | High levels of HIV-1 drug resistance pre-treatment and with first-line ART failure in Mozambique - Valentina Carnimeo

    6 | Very poor short- and medium-term patient outcomes amongst critically ill patients hospitalized for HIV in Guinea, Conakry - Kassi Nanan-N’Zeth

    7 | Responding to the substance use challenge in rifampicin-resistant tuberculosis: Preliminary outcomes of a primary health care substance use management model in Khayelitsha, South Africa - Laura Triviño-Duran

    8 | Research Initiative: MSF KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa: Bending the Curves of HIV & TB: 2011-2018 - Vinayak Bhardwaj

    SLOT 3

    From Operational Research to Policy and Practice Change
    Chairs: Olumide Ogundahunsi and Bjørn Nissen

    9 | An innovative water, sanitation and hygiene toolkit to fight cholera and typhoid fever: The road to change in Harare, Zimbabwe - Danish Malik

    10 | Diphtheria anti-toxin administration, outcomes, and safety in response to a diphtheria outbreak in 2018 - Nell Eisenberg

    11 | “When you welcome well, you vaccinate well”: Reasons for sub-optimal vaccination coverage in urban settings in Conakry, Republic of Guinea - Julita Gil Cuesta

    12 | Research Initiative: Measurement properties of an Activity Independence Measure for Trauma (AIM-T) patients in humanitarian settings  - Bérangère Gohy