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Press releases

RD Congo. Épidémie de rougeole.

Democratic Republic of the Congo

DRC: A deadly outbreak is spreading like wildfire

The measles epidemic declared on 10 June is the deadliest that DRC has witnessed since 2011-2012. Between January and early August 2019, it infected over 145,000 people and caused 2,758 deaths.
Ocean Viking. Migration. Opérations de secours en mer.

Mediterranean Sea

Place of safety needed for 356 people rescued in Central Mediterranean

With 356 vulnerable men, women and children on board the Ocean Viking, MSF and SOS MEDITERRANEE are calling for a place of safety that meets the requirements of international law.
Opérations de recherche et de sauvetage. Mer Méditerranée.

Mediterranean Sea

MSF resumes search and rescue amid deteriorating conditions in Libya

MSF announces the resumption of lifesaving search and rescue operations in the Central Mediterranean, and condemns the criminal inaction of European governments.
MSF Haïti Manifestations


People’s healthcare in danger amidst worsening anger and despair

The streets of Haiti have spiralled even deeper into violence in recent weeks, jeopardising the ability of both MSF teams and the Haitian healthcare system to provide emergency medical care.


MSF scales up activities as cholera spreads in several governorates

Humanitarian assistance, and particularly water and sanitation activities, need to be increased to prevent cholera from spreading across the country.
Réfugiés migrants Libye MSF


Alarming contitions in a Tripoli detention center

MSF calls on Libyan authorities and the international community to urgently address the inhumane and dangerous conditions in Libyan detention centres.

Democratic Republic of the Congo

Medical activities suspended after Ebola treatment centre attack

An MSF Ebola treatment centre in Butembo, North Kivu, was attacked on 27 February, just days after another treatment centre in nearby Katwa was partly burnt down.


“All I have in this world are the clothes on my back”

For the almost two million people forced to leave their homes in northeastern Nigeria over the past nine years, the emergency in the region is far from over, and people continue to be displaced by the violence on a daily basis.
Mer Méditerranée. Aquarius. Opérations de recherche et de sauvetage.

Mediterranean Sea

Aquarius Forced to terminate Operations as Europe condemns people to drown

As refugees, migrants and asylum seekers continue to die in the Mediterranean Sea, MSF and its partner SOS Méditerranée have been forced to terminate operations by the search and rescue vessel Aquarius.
Un patient, âgé de 24 ans, a reçu une balle dans la jambe le 30 mars lors de la Marche du retour. Gaza, octobre 2018. © Yuna Cho/MSF


Gaza injuries pose risk of leaving lives permanently shattered

The huge numbers of patients with complex and serious gunshot wounds are overwhelming the healthcare system in Gaza, leaving thousands in danger of infection and disability.