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Press releases


At least 6,700 Rohingya were killed during the attacks in Myanmar

Surveys conducted by MSF estimate that at least 9,000 Rohingya died in Myanmar, of which 71.7% were caused by violence.


Rohingya refugees in Bangladesh: a community on the brink of disaster

"If the situation does not improve rapidly, the public health emergency we are facing will escalate dramatically."

Emergencies can't wait! Your donation saves lives

MSF Luxembourg is launching a new awareness-raising campaign and call for donations, in the cinema, press, and on the internet, carrying the message: emergencies can't wait!


The European Union accomplices in a criminal detention system in Libya

The European migration policy is being pursued inexorably, regardless of the devastating consequences on the lives and health of thousands of refugees and migrants now trapped in Libya, where they face horrible suffering.


Urgent need for improved water and sanitation to curb cholera

An urgent scale-up of aid is needed in the northern district of Abs, the area worst affected by the outbreak.

Review of the year, 2016

71 countries, 468 humanitarian projects, 9,8 million out-patient medical consultations and hospitalised over 670,000 patients.

MSF joins Europe-wide action challenging patent on key hepatitis C drug

Patent opposition aims to increase affordable access to hepatitis C drug sofosbuvir for millions.


In Mosul, everyone is in danger

«Every day, in the MSF hospitals, we witness the most appalling injuries inflicted by this war.»


Cholera outbreak threatens to get out of control

The number of suspected cases has more than doubled in the past five days, from 11,000 on 14 May to more than 23,500 on 19 May.

Balkans, Serbia

Balkans route : degrading treatment suffered by migrants

The closure of the Balkans route in March 2016 and the EU/Turkey deal has led to a stupefying increase in violence committed by the security forces on the borders.