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Press releases


Libya is not a place of safety

Over the past 72 hours following clashes in Tripoli, the lives of Libyans and an already vulnerable group of refugees and migrants have been put in grave danger.
Medical staff discuss patients’ progress at the MSF post-operative care facility in east Mosul, Iraq, May 2018. © MSF/Sacha Myers


Mosul still lacks 70% of healthcare capacity, one year since the battle ended

One year since the battle between the Islamic State group and the Iraqi forces officially ended in Mosul, the health system is still in ruins.

Mediterranean Sea

European governments must put people’s lives before politics

“Valencia is the end of a terrible ordeal for 630 people. But there needs to be a serious European commitment to save lives and disembark rescued people properly.”

MSF annual activity report 2017

Throughout 2017, MSF teams worked in 72 countries, where they ran 463 different medical and humanitarian projects.

Democratic Republic of the Congo

Support the MSF teams working against the Ebola epidemic

“With these new cases in Mbandaka, the development of the epidemic has become much more worrying.”


Medical response in East Ghouta reaches its limits

MSF calls for an immediate ceasefire to enable the basic human act of helping the sick and wounded.

Central African Republic

Outbursts of violence deprive civilians of access to medical care

Outside the capital Bangui, Central African Republic has grown increasingly unstable over the past months. MSF is a direct witness to the impact this conflict is having on the country's already fragile healthcare system.

How about making a bequest?

Médecins Sans Frontières Luxembourg launches a campaign to raise awareness about bequests.This powerful topic is addressed with sensitivity in TV and radio spots that will begin airing on 25 December.


At least 6,700 Rohingya were killed during the attacks in Myanmar

Surveys conducted by MSF estimate that at least 9,000 Rohingya died in Myanmar, of which 71.7% were caused by violence.


Rohingya refugees in Bangladesh: a community on the brink of disaster

"If the situation does not improve rapidly, the public health emergency we are facing will escalate dramatically."