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    As a paediatrician you provide quality medical care to children on paediatric, nutrition and/or neonatal wards in very close collaboration with other profiles such as midwives, nurses, health promoters, and logisticians.

    You supervise the implementation of guidelines and protocols. You’re responsible for the paediatric, nutrition and/or neonatal ward, do bedside teaching and organize trainings for the medical and paramedical staff in all aspects relating to paediatrics in order to help build the capacity of local staff to provide quality care for children, adapted to the local context.

    You engage in/support paediatric activities at health center and/or community level. As part of a team, you help find innovative solutions to the challenges you encounter.  You look beyond the purely clinical aspects of patient care to achieve the best results possible for the population you serve.


    • Completed residency in paediatrics
    • Diploma in tropical medicine or at least 1 year of relevant experience in a tropical context is highly desirable
    • Relevant clinical experience is desirable
    • Openness to also care for adults depending on circumstances
    • Commitment to the values of the MSF charter
    • Willingness to leave on mission without your partner and/or family and to work in an unstable environment
    • Good French and English language skills

    Length of mission

    •    6 to 12 months