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Central African Republic

The increasing violence severely limited the population's access to healthcare


    A brutal increase of violence

    “In the past year, we have treated patients who have been shot, stabbed, beaten, burned in their homes and raped,” says Frédéric Lai Manantsoa, MSF Head of Mission in CAR. "In 2017 we witnessed levels of violence against the civilian population in CAR that evoked the worst months of the conflict of 2013-14.”

    Click on the link to see an interactive map and timeline of the main incidents in the Central African Republic in 2017.

    Thousands of people with not access to medical care

    What marked the violence in CAR during 2017 was its effect on people’s access to medical care, especially when they needed it most. This, combined with people’s reduced access to food, water, shelter and education, has brought the population to a state of extreme vulnerability.

    Discover the story of Raymond, Christelle, Sylvain, Pierre... Each of them shows the consequences of the indiscriminate violence that is plaguing the country.