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Associative Forum: feedback

Municipal health system's worker talks to family during house-to-house visit in lake Mirini region. Brazil. July 2020. © Diego Baravelli
In Luxembourg 
MSF is also an association with members and volunteers who meet regularly to discuss various issues.

    Our general assembly this year has been split into two separate parts, taking place at different times of the year. A General Assembly was held entirely on line on Thursday, 18 June, concentrating solely on legal aspects.

    Despite the upheavals linked to Covid-19, MSF Luxembourg decided to organise an associative gathering to give time and space to debates, working groups and discussions: the associative forum.

    I must admit [...] that it was difficult to find the motivation to click on the link [...] of the GA... In the end, the presentations were very interesting, I liked them very much. Thank you very much.
    A participant at the associative forum on 11 December 2020

    It took place on Friday, December 11th and was entirely online. 40 people gathered virtually around three main themes for this first edition of the associative forum.

    Participants had the opportunity to learn more about MSF's response to Covid-19, to take part in a lively discussion on structural racism in an attempt to understand this phenomenon, and finally, to reflect in groups on MSF's anchoring in Luxembourg.

    Thank you to all the participants and speakers:
    Samuel Sieber, Wilma van den Boogaard, Marco Martiniello,

    Sandrine Gashonga and Chrysafo Arvaniti!

    You can view the entire associative forum with the video above.

    MSF's response to Covid-19 and the lessons learned

    Presentation of the "Global Accountability Report 2", from June to August 2020
    Samuel Sieber, PhD, Senior Policy, Practice and Communication Advisor with MSF’s Operational Research Unit LuxOR. He is currently coordinating MSF’s global COVID-19 accountability reporting with the International Office.

    Watch : [04: 24 - 42: 37]

    Placing the wellbeing of residents at the centre of the battle against Covid-19 at retirement homes. Results of the qualitative research conducted by MSF in Belgium.
    Wilma van den Boogaard, Operational research support, focal point sexual and reproductive health, sexual and gender based
    violence, and maternal health, migration, victims of torture and mental health, neonatal and adolescent health, noncommunicable diseases, including cancer care.

    Watch : [42: 37 - 01: 12: 51]

    Panel discussion: understanding structural racism

    Structural racism: what are we talking about? What are the forms of structural racism in organisations and in Luxembourg?

    Sandrine Gashonga, intercultural competence trainer and anti-racist and decolonial feminist activist. Born in Rwanda in 1977, she arrived in Luxembourg in 1997 as a refugee. She started in activism in 2013 with Amnesty International Luxembourg and is currently president of the association Lëtz Rise Up.  

    The discussion on structural racism was very enriching, and the complexity and subject matter was well illustrated by the moment of disagreement between the two experts.
    A participant at the associative forum of 11 December 2020

    Marco Martiniello has a degree in Sociology from the University of Liège and a doctorate in Political and Social Sciences from the European University Institute, Florence. He is Director of Research at the Fonds National de la Recherche Scientifique (FRS-FNRS) and Director of CEDEM of which he is co-founder.

    Brainstorming workshop: how should MSF be rooted in Luxembourg?

    Chrysafo Arvaniti, joined MSF in 2014 and is currently the project manager of MSF Urban Spaces, initiative. She is a community organizer of action for social change. She has worked for over 20 years, with civil society groups, grassroots organizations, and international NGOs on community engagement projects, in different locations around the world.
    Her background studies are in Humanities; in European Culture and Civilization. She has specialized in the design and development of ‘active citizenship’ programs with civil society organizations, at the Council of Europe and  in Non Profit Leadership at John F. Kennedy School of Government at Harvard University. 

    Watch the Urban Spaces project presentation : [2: 43: 19 - 03: 06: 36]
    Watch the restitution of the brainstorming: [3: 08: 24 - 3: 09: 00] and [3: 37: 20 - 4: 02: 00]

    Looking forward to attending these forums for real exchanges.
    A participant at the associative forum on 11 December 2020