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Soudan du Sud. 50 ans MSF. Humanitaire.

In 5", join almost 50 years of humanitarian action!

In the MSF outpatient clinic at the Batil refugee camp in South Sudan, an MSF nurse escorts a patient suffering from possible appendicitis to an ambulance transfer. July 2012. © Nichole Sobecki
In Luxembourg 
Every 5 seconds, a child younger than 15 dies from preventable causes*. In 5", you can make that a thing of the past.
    In 5’’
    join almost 50 years of humanitarian action!
    • In 5’’, you can make sure an epidemic is no longer fatal, by helping to get as many people vaccinated as possible and to get ill people the care they need.
    • In 5’’,you can make sure drinking water is accessible to all, thus preventing the development of fatal diseases.
    • In 5’’, you can make sure medicines are no longer a luxury. Through its advocacy work, MSF fights the financial interests of pharmaceutical groups so that those most in need can also get access to life-saving treatment.

    • In 5’’, you can make sure that war injuries are treated by surgeons, while fostering access to basic healthcare for populations trapped in conflict.
    • In 5’’, you can make sure people open their eyes to those who nobody sees and that certain diseases cease to be neglected, saving numerous lives around the world in the process.

    5’’, is how long it takes to make a difference:
    make a donation at msf.lu
    or via Digicash by scanning this QR Code

    * Source