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Mini-Documentary: 7 Operational Research Projects in 2018

Operational Research News 
In two short video documentaries, MSF field staff and researchers illustrate ongoing operational research studies, their key findings, and how the evidence improves work on the ground.

    HIV pre-exposure prophylaxis for female sex workers in Mozambique, free diabetes care for Syrian refugees in Lebanon and Jordan, holistic mental health care for refugees in Sweden, or tuberculosis screening and treatment in Malawi prisons: In all these MSF projects, operational research helps assess gaps in the access to care, improve interventions, and advocate for policy change.

    In seven short video interviews, researchers and field staff explain the what, how and why of their studies.

    Episode 2: OR in the MENA region, Liberia, Malawi and Sweden

    Engy Ali, Julia Paulsson-Jandl, Reinaldo Ortuño Gutierrez, and Tomas Thiels with research from Liberia, the MENA region, Malawi, and Sweden.

    Episode 1: From Mozambique, to Jordan, Lebanon and Belgium

    Krystel Moussally, José Carlos Beirão, and Umberto Pellecchia on their latest operational research in Mozambique, Jordan and Lebanon, and Belgium.