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Livestream: OR Day 2017

Operational Research News 
Today, the sixth annual MSF Operational Research Day


    Do you know MSF Operational Research Day?

    In order to adapt our operations to the complex situations we are facing today, humanitarian and medical aid is constantly evolving. Operational Research, which is the pillar of this development, allows us to overcome obstacles encountered in the field and to continue to provide health care to those who need it.

    4 slots and 14 presentations

    The four slots of this year’s OR Day are the reflection of current issues as new challenges faced in HIV/AIDS and TB treatment, consequences of violence and trauma in humanitarian settings, how to steer change by influencing health care down-stream, and the role of qualitative research in MSF operations. It gives insight in the work done by MSF and other partners.

    Let us learn to the lessons learnt from our work of the past year. Let us use our results to influence others and continue to do better in using “science” and evidence in humanitarian aid and our social mission - Bertrand Draguez, president of MSF Operational Centre Brussels.

    The presentations will be related to feasibility of operational approaches in the field, piloting of new medicines and tools, advocacy and use of qualitative research to better understand the needs of our beneficiaries.