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Emergencies can't wait! Your donation saves lives

Press releases 
Médecins Sans Frontières Luxembourg is launching a new awareness-raising campaign and call for donations, in the cinema, press, and on the internet, carrying the message: emergencies can't wait!

    Crises involving refugees in Bangladesh, in the heart of Europe, or Libya, conflicts in Syria, Iraq or Nigeria, cholera epidemics in Yemen, or plague in Madagascar, earthquakes in Mexico; in 2017 once again, the populations of many countries in the world have been hit hard by violence, disease and natural disasters. Throughout the year, our teams have had no respite from these emergencies

    They remain, and will remain mobilised to treat, operate on, and care for the most vulnerable, all too often deprived of access to treatment, victims of conflicts, epidemics or natural disasters

    95% of our resources come from private donors. This is the guarantee of our capacity to take action in complete independence, and to respond rapidly to humanitarian and medical emergencies.

    The campaign, which is based on a 30 seconds spot, shown in cinemas, highlights the importance of taking action here and now, in order to be able to provide treatment and care worldwide. It will also be relayed via the social networks, thanks to the generosity of Luxembourg ambassadors who have contributed their image to the campaign, and in the press, through the support of the media who have committed to supporting us.

    Because the emergency cannot wait, to take action and to save lives, please donate via our website or by Digicash, which commits to donate five euros for each donation!