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How about making a bequest?

Press releases 

    Médecins Sans Frontières Luxembourg launches a campaign to raise awareness about bequests.This powerful topic is addressed with sensitivity in TV and radio spots that will begin airing on 25 December.

    They do not expect a medal.
    They are not looking for acclaim.
    They just want to really help.
    The people who bequeath to MSF Luxembourg make it possible to do extraordinary things that are not the stuff of heroes, but rather of the simplest and most beautiful acts of humanity. 

    By following their heart and showing incredible generosity, they give the MSF teams the means to come to the aid of all our patients around the world.

    Bequests: the culmination of one life to save many more

    Private gifts account for 96% of our resources. It is the support of these donors that enables us to act independently to provide medical treatment and to intervene without discrimination wherever the situation requires it in more than 70 countries.

    Because of the resources brought to bear, bequests have an invaluable impact on supporting our operations. Our legators can be assured that they are bequeathing genuine strength of action to serve those who need it, a way of perpetuating their values beyond their own existence.

    The power of a big decision

    Including MSF in one's will amounts to giving life to one's values and taking tangible action. Therefore, regardless of the amount, a bequest will enable women to give birth safely, families to access potable water, children to be vaccinated and wounded civilians to receive treatment ‒ wherever health systems are inadequate or non-existent.  

    'The "I am not a hero" campaign is an opportunity for us to pay homage to those who choose to include MSF in their will. We wanted to honour their incredible modesty, their gesture of pure generosity that will make it possible to save lives.'     
    Carine Lilliu, Head of Estate Planning

    More information at echsikeenheld.lu ou au 33 25 15-301.

    Make a bequest


    Danièle Bach
    Head of Estate Planning
    Tél.: + 352 33 25 15 - 311
    Mail : daniele.bach@luxembourg.msf.org