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Press releases


Cholera outbreak threatens to get out of control

The number of suspected cases has more than doubled in the past five days, from 11,000 on 14 May to more than 23,500 on 19 May.

Balkans, Serbia

Balkans route : degrading treatment suffered by migrants

The closure of the Balkans route in March 2016 and the EU/Turkey deal has led to a stupefying increase in violence committed by the security forces on the borders.


MSF strongly condemns the aerial bombing of a camp for displaced people in Rann

At least 120 people were wounded and 52 killed today in a bombing by the Nigerian Army on a camp for internally displaced people in Rann.
Ouragan Matthew, Haïti


Thousands in extreme destitution

Over a month after hurricane Matthew, assistance for people in need must once more be redoubled.


Return of refugees to Somalia in current conditions ‘inhumane and irresponsible’

As the announced closure of the world’s largest refugee camp draws closer, and thousands begin the return to war-ravaged Somalia, MSF is calling for other alternatives to be urgently considered by the Government of Kenya and the UNHCR, supported by donor countries.


Disastrous living conditions more deadly than violence

Conflict-affected populations in Borno state need emergency food aid now.

MSF Welcomes GSK's Decision to Lower Price of Pneumonia Vaccine

MSF calls on Pfizer to match GSK’s move and offer the humanitarian community the lowest global price for this lifesaving vaccine


MSF response to attacks on aid convoy

MSF is deeply shocked by the 19 September attack on an aid convoy aiming to help people in need in Aleppo governorate, Syria.

Reality Check

United Nations high level meeting on refugees and migrants.


Death toll rises to 19 in airstrike on MSF-supported Abs hospital in Hajjah

Four MSF-supported facilities have come under attack in the last year. Eleven people dead and at least 19 injured after airstrike hits Abs hospital in Hajjah.