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Libye. Frappe aérienne. Tajoura.
Sam Turner


“A night in which our worst fears would come to pass”

“These are the words of a Libyan MSF doctor following the fatal airstrike on Tajoura detention centre late at night on 2 July. It is a night that will forever remain etched in this doctor’s memory – and the memories of all MSF staff in Libya – as a horrific nightmare.”

Democratic Republic of the Congo

Ebola in the DRC: “it is time to expand access to vaccines”

Isabelle Defourny, MSF's Director of Operations, answers your questions about the importance of vaccination during an Ebola outbreak.
MSF Libye centre de détention


“Healthwise, it was a disaster” in Libya’s Zintan and Gharyan detention centres

MSF staff who were recently granted access to two detention centres in Libya found a catastrophic medical situation amongst the people detained there. At least 22 people have died there from suspected tuberculosis and other diseases since September 2018.
MSF Mali Violence
Patrick Irenge


Violence is affecting the civilian population more and more

The high level of insecurity, mainly in the central region of the country, has created an unprecedented humanitarian crisis. In order to respond to this deterioration of the humanitarian situation, MSF has intensified its emergency response activities. This increase is an indicator of the alarming deteriorating situation.
MSF Cyclone Idai Mozambique
Ana Leticia Nery


Flowers in dark water: Recovering from Cyclone Idai

MSF medical coordinator Ana reflects on the stories of those who survived Cyclone Idai, and on the memories of those who were lost.
MSF Libye Centre de détention


More than medicine: A look at mental health needs in detention in Libya

Sandra Miller, former MSF nurse activity manager in Tripoli, reports.


“This conflict is one of the worst man-made humanitarian crises in the world”

“I feel compelled to keep going back to Yemen. It's my way of dealing with the frustration of seeing the headlines.”
MSF Iran Floods


Flash floods have caused huge damage, washing away houses, roads and bridges

Heavy rains have caused severe flooding across Iran in recent weeks, leaving towns and villages underwater and damaging homes, crops and infrastructure. Elham Miraghazadeh, MSF deputy head of mission, describes what they found during their assessment.
MSF Gaza
Jacob Burns


Gaza’s Numbing Routine of Injury and Death

MSF teams were ready to take care of hundreds of injured people on 30 March in Gaza as the weekly protests there had their one year anniversary. “Only” four people were killed and 64 injured by live fire. MSF’s Field Communications Manager in Jerusalem, Jacob Burns, reflects on what it means when such a devastating toll of injuries comes to be considered a “good” day.
MSF Libya detention centre
Jai Defranciscis


The heartbreaking testimony of an MSF nurse

Jai Defranciscis, a nurse from Australia, recently returned from Misrata, Libya, where MSF is providing care for migrants, refugees and asylum seekers facing arbitrary detention and extreme suffering. She recalls her experience.