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Isa Sadiq Bwala


“Rann was like a graveyard”

MSF nurse Isa Sadiq Bwala is just back from Rann, in northeastern Nigeria, where he went to assess people’s medical needs after the 14 January attack on the town. Most of Rann’s residents have sought safety in Bodo, Cameroon, where an MSF team is providing them with medical care.
Niger MSF


The fear of being attacked at any time

Interview with Boulama Elhadji Gori, MSF Deputy Head of Mission in Niger.
Rohingya refugees in the makeshift refugee camp they now lives in. Bangladesh. August 2018. © Robin Hammond


Rohingya trauma and resilience

Rohingya refugees share their own stories of trauma and resilience with celebrated photographer Robin Hammond.
Leishmaniose.¨Pakistan. Peshawar. Maladie négligée.
Suzette Kämink


Cutaneous leishmaniasis: “It starts with a pimple…”

MSF expert on tropical diseases Suzette Kämink explains why this neglected disease is so difficult to diagnose and treat in Pakistan.
Roger, hygiéniste, se prépare à se rendre dans la zone à haut risque du centre de traitement Ebola de Mangina pour une durée maximale d'une heure : l'équipement de protection rend la respiration difficile. RDC, septembre 2018. © Carl Theunis/MSF
Alpha Diallo, spécialiste en eau et assainissement
Alpha Diallo

Democratic Republic of the Congo

“Cutting the transmission chains”

MSF medical teams can rely on water and sanitation experts to secure Ebola treatment centres and fight this deadly disease.

Democratic Republic of the Congo

Testimonies of survivors of sexual violence

These testimonies were collected to the Kananga project in September 2018.
Caroline Seguin, responsable cellule pour MSF
Caroline Seguin


Is the country on the brink of famine?

MSF operations desk manager Caroline Seguin discusses the recent warnings of famine in Yemen—a country that has been at war for almost four years.
Dr. Hilde DeClercq. RDC, septembre 2018. © Carl Theunis/MSF

Democratic Republic of the Congo

“Ebola is about human beings and trust”

New drugs, which might help cure those who have contracted the virus, are available, but offering and administering these drugs, says Dr Hilde De Clerck, is not as easy as it may seem.
Des jumeaux, six jours après leur naissance, dans la salle néonatale de la maternité MSF à Khost, en Afghanistan. Septembre 2013. © Andrea Bruce/Noor Images
Dr Séverine Caluwaerts


“My sister, I will take care of you”

An story by Dr Séverine Caluwaerts, who carried out nine missions in the Khost maternity hospital. Afghanistan remains one of the most dangerous places in the world to give birth.
Le camp de Moria étant plein, les réfugiés sont maintenant hébergés dans une extension informelle du camp connu sous le nom d'Olive Grove. Grèce. Mai 2018. © Robin Hammond/Witness Change
Dr. Alessandro Barberio, psychiatrist in Lesvos. Greece. September 2018. © MSF
Dr Alessandro Barberio


Moria is in a state of emergency

Every day, living conditions in this overcrowded camp deteriorate.