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Democratic Republic of the Congo

“Months later, they still can’t remove the bloodstains from the soil”

MSF emergency coordinator Jean-Pierre Amigo, describes his experience in the Kasai province, in Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC).


“Needs for clean drinking water are still extreme”

More than half a million Rohingya refugees have arrived in Bangladesh following a wave of targeted violence.
Kate White


"If this is the better option, the other must have been a living hell"

Refugee camps in Bangladesh in critical conditions after the arrival of 500,000 Rohingya refugees.
Marion Nourrisson

Balkans, Serbia

The “Game” comes at a high price

From Turkey onwards to Italy, refugees call their attempts to cross the borders “games”. Marion Nourrisson, Communication Officer for MSF Luxembourg and in Serbia in July, explains the dangerous consequences of this "game".


“We had expected an attack to happen”

An account of a Syrian hospital under attack.
Dr. Joanne Liu

Democratic Republic of the Congo

«The violence was so terrible that we didn’t hear the birds sing for days.»

MSF international president Joanne Liu has recently returned from a visit to Kananga city, Democratic Republic of Congo. She shares her impressions of the ongoing crisis there.


In Ngala camp, people depend on humanitarian assistance

In Ngala, people continue to arrive. They live in camps where they need humanitarian assistance to survive, they need water, shelter, food and access to health care.


Hundreds of people have been infected with hepatitis E

The onset of the rainy season has caused floodings and hundreds cases of hepatitis E. MSF medical coordinator, Nicoletta Bellio, describes the situation in the camp.

Democratic Republic of the Congo

«Maybe this time the forest decided to let us know about the Ebola epidemic?»

Guido Benedetti, epidemiologist, went to DRC to support the MSF Emergency Pool responding to the recent Ebola epidemic.

Democratic Republic of the Congo

Measles vaccination | « Reaching people is the first difficulty we face »

Since November 2016, over one million children have been vaccinated and 41,000 treated by MSF teams.