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Democratic Republic of the Congo

Measles vaccination | « Reaching people is the first difficulty we face »

Since November 2016, over one million children have been vaccinated and 41,000 treated by MSF teams.


Babies most affected by malnutrition around Mosul

"We began treating severely malnourished children in our hospital in Qayyarah in March. Most are...


Sanitation activities for slum dwellers in Haiti

Water, a source of life, can become a cause of disease for the most modest Haitians.


“It is a warning call in a neglected crisis”

Ruth Conde, an MSF nurse, describes her team’s efforts to avert the impending catastrophe.
Roger Gutiérrez


Taking one child to hospital or feeding the rest?

After seven months in Abs, Roger Gutiérrez, an MSF project coordinator, relates.
Solenn Honorine

Democratic Republic of the Congo

DRC : mums, babies and AK-47

Life in war-torn Democratic Republic of Congo is hard - especially if you're a woman. Solenn meets the mothers, daughters and their carers across MSF's family planning project in North Kivu.
Jean-Guy Vataux


Providing assistance to migrants and refugees in Libya

Jean-Guy Vataux, head of mission in Libya, speaks about the work of MSF teams in the country in order to provide assistance to migrants, refugees and asylum seekers.

Central African Republic

“I thought I was dead, but it seems that he didn’t reach a part of my throat"

Anga, 32 years old, is a resident of Alindao. On 11 May 2017, he was transferred to the hospital in Bambari, they had tried to cut his throat, but, miraculously, he survived.
Sylvie Thomas

Democratic Republic of the Congo

In Congo one talks about a "healthcare desert”

Sylvie Thomas is Deputy Head of Mission in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) since October 2016. This is her testimony.
Johan Berg

Central African Republic

“No sounds were heard except for the shots being fired"

Johan Berg works as a doctor for MSF in Bangassou, in the the southeastern area of Central African Republic. He explains the situation.