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Amal Adullah in her bed, Alep, Syrie.


"It has taken four years and 20 surgical operations to repair the damage"

East Aleppo's besieged residents have been told to leave their homes or face annihilation. As they brace themselves for what comes next, Amal Abdullah* recalls the day four years ago when she was told to leave the east Aleppo neighbourhood where she grew up.
Women wash clothes in the laundry area of the MSF-supported Kabo health centre in Kabo, Central African Republic.

Central African Republic

“Once the dry season starts, it is going to get worse again”

Zita came to the Kabo health centre, in the north of CAR, 10 days ago. She came with her two daughters Marie, two years old, and Nelpha, five months. It took them a whole day to get to their destination.
Nigeria, déplacés internes, IDPs, réfugiés


In Maiduguri, the displaced people are suffering from hunger

In Maiduguri, capital of the state of Borno State, in northeastern Nigeria, MSF teams treat malnourished children in a therapeutic feeding center with more than 100 beds.
nigéria, famine, déplacés
Helle Poulsen-Dobbyns


I kept telling the team “it’s all about food”

Helle Poulsen-Dobbyns has just returned from Maiduguri, capital of Borno State in north-eastern Nigeria, where she was program coordinator for MSF.
Migrants, soutien psychologique, soins, dépression
Melanie Kerloc’h


Heal the psychological pain in refugee camps

Melanie Kerloc’h, MSF clinical psychologist, shares her experience from MSF’s mental health care projects in Epirus, Greece.
Dr. Abu Khalid


"I have seen people with injuries that I cannot describe"

Abu Khalid is an orthopaedic surgeon and director of an MSF-supported hospital in besieged east Aleppo.

Mediterranean Sea

A very normal birth in dangerously abnormal conditions

On 12 September, a healthy baby boy was born on board MV Aquarius, a search and rescue vessel run in partnership between MSF and SOS Méditerranée. He was born in international waters to Nigerian parents, who named their baby Newman Otas.

Jordan, Syria

MSF hospital in 'hibernation' after Jordan border closure

Since the closure of the Jordan/Syria borders on 21 June, war-wounded Syrians have been systematically denied entry through Jordan’s northwest borders.
Hakim Khaldi


Malnutrition, the biggest problem in Bama

Interview with MSF project coordinator Hakim Khaldi.


Medical staff are suffering in east Aleppo

An interview with a Syrian doctor managing a Médecins Sans Frontières/Doctors Without Borders (MSF)-supported hospital in east Aleppo.