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Idlib today – a “humanity crisis”

Personal reflections from Cristian Reynders, MSF Project Coordinator for northwestern Syria.
Syrie, Idlib, personnes déplacées, Conflit, Guerre


‘Tired of fleeing’: seeking refuge from Idlib violence

A Syrian doctor’s testimony from a flashpoint town in the province.
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Tessy Fautsch


Interview with Tessy Fautsch, MSF medical coordinator in Bangladesh

Tessy, a nurse from Bertrange in Luxembourg, has just spent a year at the Cox’s Bazar refugee camp. She sums up for us her experience as medical coordinator in Bangladesh.
Syrie. Idlib. Personnes déplacées. Camps.


“There are no safe places for people in Idlib”

Since mid-December, the Syrian government and its allies have intensified their offensive on Idlib province. Daily bombardments have caused the death of many civilians and tens of thousands of people have fled.
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South Sudan

Thousands of people affected by floods

MSF logistics coordinator, Kim Phillips, describes the situation after the floods.
Honduras, MSF, Dengue outbreak, MSF response
Evelyn Zorrilla


MSF response to dengue fever emergency

Evelyn Zorrilla, MSF regional epidemiologist for Mexico and Central America, explains how MSF responded to the outbreak of dengue fever.
MSF, personnes marginalisées, Iran, Théréran
Estelle Thomas


A day at MSF clinic in south Tehran

MSF provides assistance in Tehran, in a poor working class district located in the south of the city.
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Witnessing the needs and acting upon it

Estifanos Debasu, a Water, Sanitation & Hygiene specialist, describes the situation he witnessed in one of the country’s biggest states, Bolivar.
Syrie, MSF, greffe de rein, traitement, conflit
Dr. Mohammad Al Youssef


Beyond trauma injuries

Mohammad Al Youssef is a Syrian doctor. For the past five years, he has been working with MSF, to provide life-saving treatment for people who have received a kidney transplant.
Yemen MSF Sana'a


Still no sign of change for a population on the frontline

Parties to the conflict in Yemen do not respect international humanitarian law. As a result, civilians are being injured, killed and displaced at an alarming rate.