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Cristian Reynders


“COVID-19 adds another layer of complexity to an already catastrophic situation”

Cristian Reynders, field coordinator for MSF operations in northwest Syria, explains what the potential spread of COVID-19 would mean in Idlib and how MSF is preparing for it.
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COVID-19 pandemic brings new challenges to well-developed healthcare systems

Dr Claudia Lodesani, MSF president and emergency coordinator for COVID-19 in Italy, explains how our teams can assist her country’s well-developed health system to deal with the new challenge of a pandemic.
Italie. Lombardie. Codogno. Covid-19. Coronavirus.


“Medical staff working beyond limits, in the first Covid-19 epicentre in Italy”

In Italy, we are supporting three hospitals at the first epicentre of the outbreak in the North – with teams working on infection control, remote patient care and outreach – and facilities for the elderly in central Italy. Dr Chiara Lepora is the project coordinator in Lodi, northern Italy.
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Burkina Faso

Four questions on the unprecedented humanitarian emergency in Burkina Faso

Isabelle Defourny, MSF Director of Operations, was recently in Burkina Faso and raises the alarm on the humanitarian situation in the most conflict-affected areas of the country.
MSF Libye Centre de détention Santé mentale


The forgotten ones

Michaël Neuman spent ten days in Libya with Médecins Sans Frontières teams working in detention centres for migrants. From his stay, he brings back the following impressions that illustrate the gloomy situation of the people who are held there, for months or years, and the even more difficult situation of all those subject to kidnapping and torture.
Soudan du Sud, témoignage, Juliette Fievez
Juliette Fievez

South Sudan

“The small victories motivate me every day”

Since 2008, MSF teams provide obstetric and paediatric care to the population of Aweil, in North-Western South Sudan. In one of the world’s poorest country, they also fight malaria and malnutrition.
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Dr Séverine Caluwaerts

Mozambique, Zimbabwe

Preventing cervical cancer - “We give more than just hope”

Dr Séverine Caluwaerts is a Belgian obstetrician/gynaecologist who has worked with MSF in maternal health projects including in Sierra Leone, Burundi, DRC and Afghanistan. Today, she talks about MSF's projects in Mozambique and Zimbabwe.
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Idlib: “There was heavy bombing going on and we couldn’t take everything”

Dr Mustafa Ajaj, speaking from Deir Hassan camp, northwestern Syria, on 25 February 2020.


Idlib today – a “humanity crisis”

Personal reflections from Cristian Reynders, MSF Project Coordinator for northwestern Syria.
Syrie, Idlib, personnes déplacées, Conflit, Guerre


‘Tired of fleeing’: seeking refuge from Idlib violence

A Syrian doctor’s testimony from a flashpoint town in the province.