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    As an epidemiologist you can be employed in the field of program monitoring, program evaluation and/ or field epidemiology.
    In your follow up tasks, you will ensure that relevant and validated program data is available. You will ensure that indicators are debated within the medical team and transmitted to operational decisions. In addition, you’ll ensure that data collection and analysis are adapted whenever project activities are re-oriented.

    In the field of evaluation you will assess projects performance. You will provide recommendations for operational research (mostly using program data, prospective studies are less frequent) to evaluate new tools (drugs, lab tests, …) or new operational strategies.

    In the field of field epidemiology you will be responsible for the initial assessments when outbreaks are suspected, and you will ensure epidemiological surveillance /monitoring systems are in place to inform operational decision making during outbreaks and other emergency programs. When indicated, you will be involved in surveys to orient operational decisions


    General medicine diploma or a paramedical diploma with:

    • Master in Public Health with relevant professional experience in epidemiology, or
    • An MSC in epidemiology, or
    • A doctorate in epidemiology (for specialists in infection prevention and control (IPC) - Please view the profile IPC Specialist here).
    • Field experience is an important asset.
    • Commitment to the values of the MSF charter.
    • Willingness to leave on mission without your partner and/or family and to work in an unstable environment.
    • Good French and English language skills.

    Length of mission

    • 12 months