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    We strongly believe that the best way to give everybody access to the care they need is by drawing on the combined efforts of different individuals. Each link in the chain, from donors to volunteers – without of course forgetting the aid workers – has a vital contribution to make, enabling MSF to operate on the ground and save lives.
    We are constantly looking for new ideas to put to you – ideas that are both innovative and inspiring – as to how you can help us, so that everyone has the opportunity to do something to display their solidarity.

    This is the background to MSF Luxembourg’s invitation to you to support its work in Luxembourg as a volunteer.
    Below, you will find examples of tasks performed by volunteers for which MSF Luxembourg needs your support. In addition to these activities, ad hoc tasks may need to be carried out, such as working on stands and participating in various events organised by the association.

    Whatever your profile may be, we would like to invite you to throw yourself into an extraordinary human adventure! Please bring your energy and your good humour with you and join our team of volunteers.

    Would you like to join our team of volunteers? Contact Carole

    Carole Nunez
    Public Engagement Coordinator
    Tel : (+352) 33 25 15 – 814

    A few examples of tasks that can be performed by volunteers


    The various publications of MSF Luxembourg (activity reports, website, magazine for donors, etc.) are mostly written in French, and some require translation into English and German.

    Our operational research team writes most of its reports in English. To enable them to be disseminated in French-speaking countries and submitted to officials, we need to have versions of these documents in French.

    We are therefore looking for various people who can form a translation team to carry out such tasks, either ad hoc or regularly.

    Excellent language skills.
    Flexibility: deadlines can be very short.

    Depends what is published when.

    MSF Luxembourg’s office.
    This work can be done at home (with documents being exchanged by email).

    MSF Stands

    On the basis of various partnerships, MSF Luxembourg sets up stands at a range of different exhibitions, fairs and markets to present its work to the public. These stands are also of use in recruiting volunteers and getting visitors to subscribe to the MSF newsletter.

    The team of volunteers sets up and dismantles the stand, and mans it to provide information to the public and distribute or sell MSF merchandise (balloons, tattoos, bracelets). Stands can of course be manned by a number of volunteers.

    A flair for interpersonal relations.
    Communication skills.

    As opportunities arise, during the week or at weekends.
    Volunteers are contacted at least a week in advance (if possible).

    To be decided on each occasion.


    MSF Luxembourg regularly organises conferences, including specialised medical conferences, to exchange know-how about medical practices and to debate MSF actions.

    On these occasions, the team of volunteers is responsible for:

    • Follow-up communication with the media
    • Follow-up communication with guests
    • Receiving and guiding people attending the conference.

    Good contact skills.

    As opportunities arise, during the week or at weekends.
    Volunteers are contacted at least a week in advance (if possible).

    To be decided on each occasion.

    Support for the donor service

    MSF Luxembourg conducts various fundraising campaigns to finance our operations on the ground.

    The team of volunteers has the role of assisting the relevant department with the administrative tasks involved in this. Here are a few examples of tasks performed by the fundraising department:

    • Contacting healthcare professionals as part of MSF’s collection box operations,
    • Entering information in our database of donors,
    • Finding numbers for our database.

    Knowing how to carry out internet searches.
    Familiarity with basic Excel functions.
    Good telephone manner.

    Depends on the actions organised.

    MSF Luxembourg’s office.
    Certain tasks can be performed at home.


    The areas where humanitarian organisations operate are rarely adequately mapped, and commercial maps mostly give the impression that they are uninhabited. That is why a number of humanitarian organisations, including MSF, decided in 2014 to create Missing Maps.

    Missing Maps is a humanitarian project to map in advance those regions of the world that are at risk of natural disasters, conflicts and epidemics. The main purpose is to provide international NGOs with up-to-date maps and information that will enable them to operate in areas where crises arise, e.g. access routes to villages and healthcare centres.

    During a Mapathon, MSF invites members of the public to make a practical contribution to the organisation’s work on the ground, using remote mapping with the aid of the OpenStreetMap software package. This is an entertaining event in which there is no charge for participation. Contributors can donate their time and energy and see their contributions reflected in MSF’s work on the ground.

    We are looking for volunteers to perform the following tasks:

    • Receiving participants in mapathons organised by MSF in Luxembourg.
    • Logistical/organisational work: installing signs and the buffet, and clearing up afterwards.
    • Supporting participants: the event is open to all, even beginners, and we need a team there to answer their questions about the software.

    For receiving people: good humour
    For using OSM: having previously used OSM, and knowing how it works

    Twice a year (or more often, as dictated by requests)

    Belval campus of Luxembourg University
    Other locations are also possible.

    Volunteers’ Charter

    MSF Luxembourg’s Volunteers’ Charter

    By signing up as a volunteer, you commit yourself to abide by the Volunteers’ Charter, a reference document which sets out the values and principles that guide the work of our association’s volunteers.