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Act with your company

    Become MSF partner:  a CSR approach for your company

    Inspired by motivations of societal impact, committed to a Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) approach, anxious to enhance your image internally, or with your suppliers and customers, your company wishes to support a reputable, independent, reliable and transparent humanitarian organisation?

    With its commitment to humanitarian causes, your company allows MSF to save lives and associates its name to an institution whose value is indisputable.

    Discover in this video the reasons why these Luxembourg entrepreneurs decided to implement a CSR approach for their company and why they chose Médecins Sans Frontières to carry out this action.


      6 good reasons to trust us:

      1. You increase the attractiveness and visibility of your company via your humanitarian commitment to a reputable medical non-profit association operating worldwide.
      2. You promote your brand by showing your social responsibility.
      3. You get your employees involved on a common project.
      4. Our Association is transparent on its fundings and externally audited.
      5. We preserve our independence of action.
      6. We are experienced, reliable, professional and independent.
      7. We can provided you with information material and actions (photos, videos, conferences) according to your needs and requirements.




      Our partnership solutions

      We offer you several options below, all of which are tax-deductible under Luxembourg law:

      • Sponsorship of our events
      • Donate with your company
      • Organize an event or gathering within your company
      • Support a specific Médecins Sans Frontières Field project
      • The year-end donation budget
      • Mobilize your network to help us find new donors
      • Think also about “donations in-kind”
      • What else ?
      of our funding

      comes from private donors

      Let’s meet to discuss how you can contribute to MSF’s actions around the world. All donations to MSF are tax deductible.
      Your contact

      Michèle Jensen-Carlen Resources & Partnership Development Project Manager Médecins Sans Frontières LuxembourgMichele Jensen-Carlen
      Resources & Partnership Development Project Manager
      Phone.: +352 33 25 15-302
      GSM: +352 691 233 102
      Email: michele.jensen-carlen[at]luxembourg.msf.org

      Eléonore Vernier, Major Gifts and Partnerships ManagerEléonore Vernier
      Major Gifts and Partnerships Manager
      Phone.: +352 33 25 15
      Email: eleonore.vernier[at]luxembourg.msf.org