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Levels of support

    A successful partnership is a partnership that meets both parties!

    For each form of collaboration, as there is an exchange of visibility between your company and MSF, we offer a partnership agreement.

    This moral commitment consistently realise our partnership agreement by specifying the duration of the operation, the commitments and mutual responsibilities.

    We can offer different levels of support.

    Your company wants to support MSF.
    Each partnership is designed and defined to suit your business, your news and our respective needs and expectations. Find the right formula that values ​​your commitment to the medical and humanitarian activities of MSF.

    Let’s meet to see how your company can help MSF.

    Your contact

    Pascale Soares
    Major Gifts and Partnerships Manager
    Phone: 33 25 15 - 304
    Mobile: 621 553 310
    Email: pascale.soares@luxembourg.msf.org