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Between humanitarian crises and medical emergencies: all the latest news

Peinture des bancs "Tuko Poa" à Kibera ©Bryan Jaybee

“Arts without Borders” aiming to help "Médecins Sans Frontières"

A large art sale to benefit MSF will be organized from December 3rd to 5th at the Foundry Luxembourg.
A six year-old Noma Survivor. Sokoto, Nigeria.October, 2017.

MSF/OSM geo-week global mapathon, 18/11/2021, 18h00, online

MSF invites you to participate in a day of virtual Missing Maps activities with colleagues and supporters from around the world on Thursday 18 November from 18:00 to 20:30 online.
Hassan, 13 years old, and Ali, 7 years old, are happy to be on the Geo Barents after spending more than 13 hours in a wooden boat adrift in the Libyan SAR zone, before being rescued by MSF SAR teams on November 16, 2021

Mediterranean Sea

The father who faced the sea so his sons might go to school

A firsthand account from on board the MSF search and rescue vessel Geo Barents Candida Lobes, MSF communications manager onboard.
SORT IT course in Beirut

Democratic Republic of the Congo


SORT IT aims to strengthen the operational research capacity of MSF project staff. For the first time, LuxOR will provide an edition entirely taught in French.
Sélection de médicaments utilisés par MSF selon les directives de l'organisation. Kaboul, Afghanistan. 2014.

Antimicrobial resistance: One of this century’s major public health challenges

The Luxembourg Operational Research Unit (LuxOR) is currently working to tackle the lack of quality data in how resistant organisms are in several MSF projects in the Middle East, where several countries are torn by wars, crises, armed conflicts, adding strain to the healthcare sector.
Pour se rendre à Bajo Chiquito depuis la ville la plus proche, Metetí, il faut remonter la rivière Tuquesa en canoë. Les équipes de MSF utilisent également des canoës pour transporter des fournitures médicales et logistiques.


Violence continues to stalk migrants crossing the Darién gap

MSF have now provided 30,000 medical consultations to the people in transit between Colombia and Panama.
Après un appel de détresse de Alarm Phone, 99 survivants ont été secourus par le Geo Barents à environ 30 miles des côtes libyennes. Au fond du bateau en bois surpeuplé, 10 personnes sont retrouvées mortes

Mediterranean Sea

10 more lives lost on the world’s deadliest migration route

MSF search-and-rescue teams found 10 people dead on November 16 on a wooden boat in the Central Mediterranean after 186 others were rescued within 24 hours.
Des mères nourrissant leur enfant dans les chambres du centre d'alimentation thérapeutique pour patients hospitalisés de MSF à l'hôpital régional de Herat.


Malnutrition soars in Herat as Afghanistan healthcare is at breaking point

The Afghan healthcare system has been fragile and plagued by major gaps for years now, and the suspension of international aid as a result of the recent political developments has further deteriorated the situation. In Herat, Médecins Sans Frontières is witnessing a worrying increase in malnutrition, says Mamman Mustapha, former Project Coordinator for in the province.
Alice Authier, coordinatrice de terrain du projet oncologique de MSF, prononçant un discours lors de la cérémonie d'ouverture de la campagne Octobre rose


Pink October: what are the challenges of treating cancer in Mali?

Alice Authier, MSF’s oncology project coordinator in Mali, spells out the challenges of screening and treating cancer in the country. In 2018, MSF’s teams joined forces with Mali’s Ministry of Health to assist patients suffering from breast and cervical cancer.
L'ajout rapide de personnel inexpérimenté dans une situation d'urgence peut entraîner des difficultés, dont MSF a été le témoin direct dans l'hôpital de campagne de l'hôpital tertiaire de Ngwelezana, en Afrique du Sud

Moderna earns over €10 billion from COVID-19 vaccine, but don't share its recipe

MSF demande au président américain Biden d'utiliser toute la force du gouvernement pour contraindre Moderna Pharmaceuticals à collaborer avec le centre de transfert de technologie des vaccins à ARNm de l'OMS en Afrique du Sud. Elle doit partager son expertise et contribuer aux efforts mondiaux de vaccination.