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Between humanitarian crises and medical emergencies: all the latest news

Emergency room of the MSF Kunduz Emergency Trauma Unit, a medic examines the x-ray of a patient who has suffered a complicated fracture of their upper and lower leg due to a bomb blast. July 2021


Medical care in Kunduz: Making it work

Fighting in the city of Kunduz in north-eastern Afghanistan ended on 8 August. The local community still requires trauma care. A medic in MSF’s Kunduz team describes their experience during the fighting and the work that is going on today.
Des infirmières MSF préparent des médicaments pour un patient aux Cayes. 31 août 2021


Earthquake survivors need continued care in the south

The greatest number of deaths and injuries from Haiti’s August 14 earthquake occurred in the Sud department. Prior to this disaster, hospitals and clinics were already scarce in remote areas of Sud, and the earthquake damaged or destroyed many health facilities and roadways, making it difficult for earthquake survivors in rural areas to reach care quickly.
Staff members at the entrance to our new 32-bed COVID-19 treatment centre in Herat, where we focus on the treatment of patients with severe COVID-19 in need of oxygen therapy. Afghanistan, June, 2020


“Treating patients is our responsibility. There’s a lot of work on our shoulders

An Afghan MSF medic working in the city describes how we kept services running after the end of the fighting and the new challenges that they and other health services in the area are facing today.
Mother of six-year-old MDR TB girl child administering manipulated form of DRTB drugs


“Pharmaceutical corporations must open up to generic supply and lower prices”

MSF welcomes the new WHO guidance that expand use of new drugs to the youngest and most vulnerable children of all ages with drug-resistant tuberculosis, although procurement and access to the new pediatric formulations of second line drugs, including Bedaquiline and Delamanid, is urgently needed.

Volunteer information meeting

Would you like to become a volunteer for MSF in Luxembourg?
Une patiente sortant de sa consultation à la clinique MSF d'Arsal. Décembre 2020


Healthcare System Disintegrates as Political Vacuum Persist

MSF teams are directly experiencing the consequences of the system’s collapse and are gravely concerned about the continued provision of essential healthcare services in the country.
Une équipe médicale de l'hôpital de Tabarre s'occupe d'un patient, blessé lors du tremblement de terre.


Haiti earthquake: challenges mount for the injured

Survivors like Widnika are just beginning the long process of recovery from the physical and psychological trauma they have suffered.
Salle d'opération de l'unité de traumatologie d'urgence de MSF à Kunduz, les équipes chirurgicales de MSF réalisent une opération sur un patient blessé par les combats à Kunduz. Août 2021.


Amid uncertainty, hospitals are still full in Afghanistan

After the rapid transfer of power in Afghanistan there has been a big shift in the health context. MSF continues to run medical activities in five provinces.
La population en situation de déplacement dans la municipalité de Roberto Payán.


Violence escalates humanitarian crisis in the Telembi Triangle region

More than 21,000 people have been displaced from their homes since start of year.
Début 2018, les combats opposant les troupes d'Ansar Allah et les forces soutenues par la coalition menée par l'Arabie saoudite et les Émirats arabes unis se sont intensifiés le long de la ligne de front entre Taïz et Hodeidah


Seeking healthcare in a city split by a frontline

Taiz, Yemen's third most populous city, has been the scene of a fierce civil war since the country's conflict began in 2015. Rocket fire and constant clashes have damaged the economy and health system to the detriment of the population, who are trapped on both sides of the front line.