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Press releases

Tuberculosis awareness session at the Bangassou regional hospital supported by MSF, Mbomou prefecture. CAR, 2023. © MSF

Universal Health Coverage targets leave behind the most vulnerable

MSF is worried that the current plans for Universal Healthcare Coverage are leaving behind the very people that are now most excluded from access to healthcare.
Views of Derna as MSF teams arrive for an assessment. 16 September, 2023 © MSF


Flooding in Libya: MSF mobilised in response to the immense needs

Arriving on site on 14 September, the MSF team sent from Tripoli has donated medical kits and is beginning to assess needs. It has also met with the Ministry of Health and is working with the Libyan Red Crescent, the main humanitarian actor on the ground.
MSF teams are assessing the needs in Taharat village, after a powerful earthquake struck the centre of Morocco on 8 September 2023 © John Johnson/MSF

Earthquake in Morocco: MSF assesses needs on site

Donations to the MSF Emergency Fund enable us to respond rapidly to immediate needs in Morocco.
Des hommes, des femmes et des enfants nouvellement arrivés de Renk transportent leurs bagages vers les abris temporaires du camp de transit de Bulukat, dans l'État du Haut-Soudan, au Soudan du Sud.  Août 2023 © Gale Julius Dada/MSF

South Sudan

Thousands of returnees from Sudan are arriving in alarming health conditions

MSF calls humanitarian organisations to urgently scale up their response to ease the difficulties faced by people fleeing the conflict from Sudan to Upper Nile state in South Sudan.
An MSF nurse helps 2-year-old Nyakuiy take liquid milk as her mother Nyakiire Nen breastfeeds her second child. Nyakuiy is under treatment at the measles isolation ward at the MSF hospital in Bentiu IDP camp in Unity state. © Nasir Ghafoor/MSF

South Sudan

Measles in South Sudan: People Escaping Conflict in Sudan Face New Health Crisis

MSF teams are recording a concerning rise in measles and malnutrition cases in the organization’s facilities in South Sudan, particularly amongst returnees fleeing conflict from Sudan and host communities. MSF medical facilities in Upper Nile, Unity, Northern Bahr El Ghazal and Warrap states are receiving patients, especially children below five years old, suffering from measles and other critical conditions.
Des réfugiés soudanais tentent de collecter de l'eau dans l'oued près du camp d'Ourang, car la distribution d'eau dans les camps est rare. Août 2023 © MSF


MSF calls for urgent international help for Sudanese refugees in Chad

As people continue to flee the conflict in Sudan, more than 358,000 refugees have arrived at the border town Adré, in eastern Chad. MSF is calling on the international community and humanitarian organisations to urgently address essential needs for people seeking safety from the conflict, to avoid a catastrophic situation.
Patients et parents de patients entrant dans l'un des services MSF de l'hôpital de district de Magaria, qui est soutenu par MSF en pédiatrie et en malnutrition. Septembre 2022


Niger coup: all MSF's medical and humanitarian activity continues

Since the military coup in Niger on 26 July, the medical and humanitarian activities of MSF have continued in the country in order to maintain its activities in health centres and to provide humanitarian assistance when needed.
Kherson hospital after the bombing on 4 August 2023 © Andrii Dobravskyi


Kherson hospital shelled twice in 72 hours

The hospital that was shelled on 1 August 2023 in Kherson region, killing one doctor and wounding five medical staff, resulting in the death of a doctor and the wounding of five medical staff, is again under artillery fire.
Close up MSF logo © Sebastian Bolesch


Extreme violence in Las Anod forces MSF to close activities

MSF has reached the difficult decision to withdraw our services from Las Anod General Hospital, Sool region, due to increased volatility and repeated security incidents which have impacted the safe delivery of medical care. 
On 27 August 2023, the 168 people disembarked in Brindisi following the rescue operation carried out during rotation 37. August 2023 © MSF/Stefan Pejovic


Warnings of a predictable failure on Lampedusa were ignored

Images from Lampedusa showing hundreds of people left for hours in the sun before receiving assistance, and severe overcrowding at the island’s ‘hotspot,’ are evidence of a predictable failure, MSF has said.